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Optimising the employee journey?
Constructive communication at the workplace?
Supportive leadership for more happiness at work?
The benefits of mindfulness at work?
Tools for a positive company culture?
The positive impact of a growth mindset?
Well-being as a catalyst for resilience and productivity?
Stress and burn-out prevention?
Talent management for more engagement?
The secret for more employee motivation?
Happy employees who perform better?
The ROI of happiness at work?
A strategy for happiness at work tailored to your company culture?

Tryangle works together with organizations on the well-being and happiness at work of employees. We help integrate happiness at work into the overall business strategy for more engagement, higher productivity and less absenteeism.

We support and guide the implementation of well-being interventions and happiness at work activities with customized solutions in the form of workshops, training, coaching, team building, consulting, webinars, lectures, etc.

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Who are we?

We are business trainers in heart and soul, and we have a special mission: to (re)-empower employees by means of well-being interventions and a focus on happiness at work.

Based on our many years of experience and extensive knowledge about interactive training, stress and burn-out coaching, well-being training and theoretical and practical insights into happiness at work, we want to support organizations and employees for more energy, more productivity and more happiness at work.


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What do we do?

The alarming figures regarding long-term illness, stress, work pressure and demotivation are hard to ignore. The conclusion? There are currently a lot of challenges in the workplace. More and more organizations are starting to discover the antidote to these negative evolutions: working on well-being and happiness at work!

Organizations that pay attention to the well-being and happiness of employees are not just “happy workplaces” where it’s all about fun and games. Happiness at work as a business strategy has a clear ROI that is reflected in less absenteeism, lower turnover, higher productivity and better business results.

Investing in a strategic and practical approach pays off, both for the individual employee and for the organization. We are happy to share our insights about how to make this work for you!


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Our offer

Based on our own pyramid model, we help make organizations aware of the components, opportunities and ROI of job happiness. We start from the shared responsibility of the employee and the employer and provide solutions for both organizations and individual employees to feel good at work and performing better because of it.

We adjust our approach according to the corporate culture and the priorities of the organization and we can work on a range of work happiness components in various ways. Our offer includes workshops, training, coaching, team building, consulting, webinars, lectures,… Discover how we can help you!

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Read along

Tryangle regularly shares insights and tips on well-being and work happiness through blog articles.
If you’d like to discover how we work and get inspiration to increase your own happiness at work and that of your colleagues at the same time, then we we kindly invite you to have a browse through our blogs.

We hope you enjoy the read!

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  • Cevora
  • Toyota
  • MTech+
  • Kluwer
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  • Arcadis
  • Gemeente Aartselaar
  • Thomas More Hogeschool
  • Volvo Group

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Have you already discovered our unique WOW mobile? Specially designed for all kinds of activities that improve well-being and happiness at work!

Tryangle is happy to come to you with a new surprise in the WOW mobile every time. This well-being intervention on wheels can brighten up a workout, offer the perfect moment of relaxation, add a pinch of fun to a team building or deliver something extra at a corporate event.

With our WOW mobile at your front door, you are guaranteed to attract attention, so what are you waiting for ?!

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  • “I can highly recommend Tryangle for their training in yoga, breathing techniques, stress-reducing exercises and mindfulness at work.”

    Toon Schouteden – Cevora
  • “Through the Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop, I could get a very clear insight of its principles and benefits. The simple practices can be applied to our daily life immediately.
    Among my takeaways, I find this one the most useful and relevant to me: "Don't simply rush into your next meeting. Take the time to get mentally ready for it on your way. Once in the meeting, participate fully as a listener and speaker from the start till the end." I strongly recommend this training. Looking forward to its extended version!”

    Lucia Garcia Linares, Senior Manager for Vehicle Logistics – Toyota Motor Europe