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An E-learning course is an online trajectory that often consists out of different modules which combines both video material and downloadable content such as workbooks. Participants can go through the course at their own pace. Access is unlimited, so users can move through the course module by module, or complete it all at once, if that's what they prefer.

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e-learning mindful working

Mindful working

Mindful living has been a proven approach to reduce stress. In this E-learning series, we are introducing the principles of mindfulness and bringing them into your work reality. You will learn how to be more aware of what you are doing at any given moment instead of worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. You will receive concrete tips to allow less stress and create more peace during your working day.

This online course consists of 7 modules and each of them is focused on a different aspect of mindfulness at work. You can discover the modules individually or dive into the entire series. Access to the course is unlimited, so participants can go through the content at their own pace.

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Be more resilient thanks to stress

How on earth would you turn stress from a burden into resilience? Thanks to this E-learning you will see how a potential obstacle like unhealthy stress can be turned into a healthy coping mechanism. In the E-learning “Be more resilient thanks to stress” you can strengthen your mental and physical health because you will discover how to deal with stress in a healthy way.

This will allow you to deal with work with more energy, it will improve your cooperation with colleagues, managers and customers and you will be able to go home in the evening with a better and more positive feeling. This course is a real boost for your creative brain and your energy.

In this course:
– you’ll discover more about what stress is
– you’ll discover which mindset you have: a growth mindset or a fixed mindset
– you’ll learn to cope with stress and achieve more comfort and resilience
– you’ll get to know exercises that will help you in times of stress

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e-learning more resilient thanks to stress