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Inspire your team, company or community with a keynote that will bring the audience to the edge of their seat.
Want a little preview? Have a look at Griet Deca's 5 minute version of the keynote "How to screw up happiness at work" as it was presented at DisruptHR Belgium in november 2019.

Griet Deca at DisruptHR Belgium

Our keynote topics are versatile and our style can be labeled anything but ‘classic’.Griet Deca is an energetic keynote speaker and her style both confronting and enthusing with a dose of humor and unforgettable oneliners.

She is an authentic storyteller who uses scientific insights and over 20 years worth of experience intereacting with businesses. As Chief Happiness she has an elaborate knowledge of stress en burn-out and made it her personal mission to make happiness at work (and all its components) an acceptable standard in organisations. 

Discover the topics that Griet Deca covers in her keynotes:

Well-being at work: myth or reality?

The current burn-out epidemic is impacting our work environment and quickly evolving societal changes are bringing a lot of organizational challenges. We keep being asked to do more in a shorter time frame, which means that conscientious professionals get caught between their job demands and their own well-being. Is there a more human centered approach that is suitable for a business context? Or should employees take the matter into their own hands and take responsibility? Is corporate well-being a myth or is it reality?

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Transforming a negative company culture into #complaintfreecoffee

“Work?! Working makes me incredibly tired! After all, my employer is only interested in making a profit and doesn’t really care about his employees. Even my colleagues are just showing up at the office to browse the internet all day. I’m just counting down to the day I can start my retirement!” Chief Happiness Griet Deca definitely does not agree with statements like these.

It sounds like it’s time for a cup of #complaintfreecoffee! After sharing a scientific definition of happiness at work, Griet shares a number of common business practices she’s encountered over the years. Unfortunately, there are a lot of unintended happiness killers to be spotted. Which is truly a shame if you know that happiness at work has a solid ROI for the employee, the team leader, and the organization.

Working on happiness at work: why, how & what?

It may be hard to imagine, but it is absolutely true: even your company can work on more happiness at work! On the individual level, the team level and the broader organizational level.

This exciting keynote lets you discover how to start building more happiness at work. It will also invite you to rethink a few things and inspire you to take action. Get ready to receive a truckload of tips, tricks and techniques that are easy to implement. It will give you all the information you need to start taking simple steps towards more happiness at work in your own company.

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From prosperity to happiness at work: a cultural evolution through the eyes of a Chief Happiness Officer

Under pressure from the quest for prosperity and the ethos of hard work, overworked people became ill on a massive scale. There was a healthy awareness that things couldn’t go on like this and more and more attention was paid to well-being. Well-being at work was included in the legislation and companies started writing a well-being policy. But in order to fully break the taboo surrounding well-being, an additional impulse is needed. Right now, we are at the tipping point from well-being to happiness at work, an exceptional transformation that follows logically from previous developments.

Griet Deca takes you on a journey through a fascinating world in the throes of change, based on the knowledge and insights she has gathered during her almost twenty-year career as a company trainer. Griet offers concrete tools that provide guidance in the labyrinth of facts, anecdotes and theories so as to ensure that the present (under)currents that health in the workplace could entail, are given every chance of success.

Happy Pack Leader

The Happy Pack Leader

The Happy Pack or the Happy Leader? Both topics will be covered in this keynote which uses the link between leadership and dog agility as an interesting starting point. How can the dog world inspire managers and business leaders and what can managers learn from professionals who work with dogs? How can a leader create a productive and happy team and help them stay that way?

Discover how a Happy Pack Leader can guide the team in the right direction, allowing them to work together efficiently, and getting amazing results.

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Tryangle works together with organizations on the well-being and happiness at work of employees. We help integrate happiness at work into the overall business strategy for more engagement, higher productivity and less absenteeism.

We support and guide the implementation of wellbeing interventions and happiness at work activities in more ways than with keynotes. We offer customized solutions in the form of workshops, training, coaching, team building, consulting, webinars, lectures, etc.