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Inspiring well-being and happiness at work
through training, coaching, team building, consulting

Tryangle developed a unique approach to work on happiness at work. Our pyramid model helps lead you and your organization in 7 clear steps to a happier, more productive corporate culture. Based on the shared responsibility of both the employee and the employer, you will find an offer for every layer in the pyramid for the organization / team on the one hand and for the employee(s) on the other. Click on the themes to explore our specific range.

Empower the employer

Build a business strategy and organizational culture that will become the ideal breeding ground for work happiness.

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Empower the employee

Offering different tools and strategies for individual employees to build resilence and get more happiness at work.

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  • “Through the Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop, I could get a very clear insight of its principles and benefits. The simple practices can be applied to our daily life immediately.
    Among my takeaways, I find this one the most useful and relevant to me: "Don't simply rush into your next meeting. Take the time to get mentally ready for it on your way. Once in the meeting, participate fully as a listener and speaker from the start till the end." I strongly recommend this training. Looking forward to its extended version!”

    Lucia Garcia Linares, Senior Manager for Vehicle Logistics – Toyota Motor Europe
  • “I can highly recommend Tryangle for their training in yoga, breathing techniques, stress-reducing exercises and mindfulness at work.”

    Toon Schouteden – Cevora