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Work is making us sick

Belgian surveys and research data paint a rather negative picture for our employees.
The statistics are alarming and the list of challenges is long.
Numbers on absenteeism, burnout and similar illnesses are skyrocketing.
Those who are still working often struggle with stress, productivity or lack of motivation.

at work
has acute
no workable
not like
to work
symptoms of
a burnout
feels bad
doing their job
every day
the absence
is sick for more
than a year
their job
not meaningful

Productivity & engagement

The commitment of the Belgian employee is at a very low level,
while the importance of enthusiastic and motivated employees is extremely high.
Not only is a mere 10% of employees actively motivated,
the biggest middle group (73%) is showing up at work but not necessarily being very productive.
17% of the employees are "actively disengaged", meaning they're openly hateful
and even work against the organization and team objectives (Gallup).

het engagement bij werknemers volgens Gallup

Our conclusion: let's do something about this quickly!

How do we do that at Tryangle?
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