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The ROI of happiness at work

Happy employees are more productive and more engaged

Working on happiness at work is not just fluffy business or an idealistic dream.

When organizations make an effort to work on well-being and happiness at work in an integrated and strategic way, this improves the productivity of employees and directly impacts the results and profitability of the company.

An ROI of 1: 3

The financial investment to work on happiness at work is still too often swept off the table as a mere cost. Which is unjustified, as it is rather an investment that delivers a measurable financial return for companies that opt ​​for a sustainable approach.

Studies show an average ROI ratio of 1: 3 towards occupational happiness spending.

In more and more case studies, organizations report sustainable results through targeted investments in well-being and work happiness. Gallup’s international data also yield impressive figures, such as 21% more sales, 22% more productivity and 37% less sick leave.

ROI van werkgeluk
de impact van werkgeluk

The impact of happiness at work

The ROI of happiness at work extends far beyond merely counteracting negative developments such as avoiding stress and burnout, reducing costs associated with absenteeism and turnover or reducing errors and accidents.

Happier employees also ensure a positive spillover in an enormous number of other domains, such as (among other things) improvements in terms of teamwork and communication, closer cooperation and stronger relationships with customers and suppliers, higher productivity, more creativity and efficiency, more optimism, energy and resilience, better employer branding, …

Aren’t you curious about what the return could be for your organization?

Strategic approach

Nevertheless, there are some conditions to effectively redeem or capitalize on the ROI! Working on well-being and happiness at work should never become an ad hoc approach. In addition, you cannot work on the icing on the cake without solid foundations. Without paying attention to the basic components of work satisfaction, every corporate well-being or work happiness initiative will not attain its goal.

This is why at Tryangle we champion the strategic approach. Just like the mission, vision and values ​​of an organization, the theme of work happiness can also be integrated into the DNA of the company. Thinking about what happiness at work means for your organization, and making appropriate choices, is the best way to go.

Companies that strategically deploy different dimensions will attract and retain motivated employees. Having happy employees will never work counterproductively, on the contrary. These are the organizations that will make a difference! Or as we have been saying and writing at Tryangle for some time: the future belongs to the happy!

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