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Partnerships and collaborations

Tryangle is part of an international network of like-minded entrepreneurs who all creatively build happiness at work.

We are very excited to see a lot momentum in Belgium as well as on an international scale in terms of more focus on corporate well-being and job happiness!

By joining forces, we can convince more companies in Belgium of the importance and return of the various components of work happiness with greater clout and combined creativity.


Digital Detox Academy

Digital Detox Academy

The laptop, tablet and / or smartphone is indispensable in our lives. Our mental well-being is under pressure due to digitization, modern communication systems, hyperconnectivity, and being available 24/24.
The result? Employees lose focus, lose their way in the tangle of communication possibilities, burn out or see their resilience undermined.
Urgent time to support digital well-being in the workplace. From digital stress to digital efficiency! The Digital Detox Academy of Christine Wittoeck helps you deal with digital communication in a productive and pleasant way. Start today, take action and guide your employees to digital comfort.


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HIP Consult


Happiness is a very powerful tool. It makes people float, it can move mountains. A happy employee gives himself completely, is open and is worth his weight in gold. By inference, an unhappy employee is seemingly lost, always works in a gray cloud and is often not very productive.

With HIP-Consult, Fran├žoise and Frank want to help the employee and the employer, in order to facilitate optimization of the cooperation by giving more focus and structure.
Happiness at work is therefore a fascinating theme and HIP-Consult would like to support it with great empathy, among other things in the form of large-scale representative online research on work happiness among Belgian employees.

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Woohoo Inc

Woohoo Inc

Woohoo Inc is an organization of international experts in the field of job happiness, based in Denmark. With keynotes, workshops and management training, they offer customers around the world insights and tools for creating happy workplaces.

In addition, they form, together with organizations from all over the world, an impressive network to spread even more job happiness. Tryangle is proud to be part of this network ­čÖé

They are now known for their international conference on happiness at work (in Copenhagen) and for the many publications (TEDx, books, articles, keynotes, …) and expertise under the name of their own Chief Happiness Officer and notorious expert on happiness at work, Alexander Kjerulf.

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