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Corporate culture

The corporate culture of your organization or team is based on the intrinsic values ​​that are clearly defined. Most companies have already determined their values ​​externally, but these are not always reflected in the internal company culture. In a happy corporate culture, all members of the “tribe” work according to the basic values ​​and within the teams and departments there is a balanced translation of these values ​​into daily practice.

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How do you translate the corporate values ​​into a happy corporate culture? Start writing the “Manifesto for Work Happiness”. During this workshop the most important values ​​are selected in team (s) and linked to behavior. On the basis of these elements you determine the background against which all decisions are made. Hang the manifest up in a visible and public office place so that you always keep thinking about it!

Want to get started with a corporate culture and a positive mindset? Tryangle supports your team or your organization with consulting, team building or training.

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