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Want to make work happiness a priority in your organization? Looking to define and implement an integrated and human-centered strategy? We can support your organisation or your team to discover the most appropriate approach, completely in line with your company culture, to create a happy workplace.

Tryangle workshop

Tailor-made consulting

Based on an intake interview and data – if available -, together we will define one or more components from the pyramid of happiness at work that make sense to develop given the company culture.

Starting with an exploratory workshop of the chosen pillars (using different formats) we help clarify what is already in place that works well, and explore further needs, opportunities and goals to create more work happiness.

Using this input, we can develop a clear trajectory and strategy, tailored to your organisation. 

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Toolbox for Happiness at work

Discovery Session

Would you like to support the happiness of your employees or your team, but you are not sure where to start? Then look no further, because this discovery session is the ideal way to make a strong start!

This in-company 2h workshop helps you discover the power of happiness at work and how you can create a happy organisation. We will help you define priorities that are adapted to the needs and the culture of the company.

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toolbox for happiness at work


Keynotes such as “Working on happiness at work: why, how & what?” are a suitable way to make higher level management or team leaders think about their impact on the work happiness of their employees.

Even in your company, you can work on more happiness at work! On the individual level, the team level and the broader organizational level.

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Webinars for executives and management team members

Tips and insights to build more happiness at work can also be cast in digital format by organizing webinars. In this way you can reach a diverse group without having to physically bring them together in the same place.

Tryangle can support managers, team leaders and HR professionals with information about the components and ROI of happiness at work through dynamic webinars.

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