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Leadership & teambuilding

Working from top-down on connection within the organization means that management and managers create the right environment for optimal teamwork. In a close-knit tribe, everyone can work efficiently and with pleasure, paying attention to the results and relationships. Tryangle supports managers in leadership for job happiness, with attention to appreciation, ownership, respect and authenticity.

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With the workshop “The YMCA of your team” you learn to get the best out of your team by searching for the “Why” (Y) of the team. Why do we do what we do and in which direction are we going? What is the “Motivation” (M)? What drives us forward? What is a strong “Communication” (C) and how do we maintain a positive Attitude (A)?

In short, the basic elements of positive and serving or servant Leadership!

Tryangle can further strengthen the connection in your organization through team building (with or without the WOW mobile), team coaching, individual training / coaching of managers and team-strengthening games such as “Team Happiness”.

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