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Positivity at work

Employees who apply the principles of mindfulness to work are less sensitive to toxic stress and work more efficiently. They have a positive mindset that helps them to put work challenges in perspective or to tackle them in a creative way. Moreover, they are better equipped to maintain the balance between their own values, the values ​​of the company and their responsibilities.

mindful at work

Want to know Mindfulness @ Work? Then choose the workshop “Introduction to mindful work”.
During this training we discover the principles of mindfulness and apply them to the working reality of the participants. We learn how to be more aware of what we are doing at the moment instead of worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. We already provide some concrete tips and techniques to allow less stress and to create more peace.

After this introductory workshop there are a lot of possibilities to get started with the principles of mindfulness: mindful communication, relational mindfulness, dealing with perfectionism, stopping worrying…

mindful w

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