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Prevention stress and burnout

Stress and increased work pressure can lead to productivity issues (presenteeism) and absenteeism (related to burn-out or other health issues). Moreover, the effectiveness of corporate well-being can only be optimized if a company finds the key to transcend the mere curative approach. This means making sure all stakeholders are able to deal pro-actively with well-being challenges and stress-related complaints. Organisations who are looking to implement an efficient and hands-on well-being policy, can count on the support and guidance from Tryangle. 

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Toolbox for well-being at work

Discovery Session

Tryangle has developed this ‘discovery session’ to help make top level management aware of the ROI and the approach to create an effective well-being strategy.

It’s a dynamic 2hour workshop that offers (scientific) insights regarding the impact of (negative) stress and highlights the benefits of a well-being policy that that builds resilience. The consultant leading this workshop offers very hands-on tips, tricks and tools to create and implement a well-being strategy that fits the needs and the culture of the company.

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In addition to our discovery sessions, that helps clarify the return and the opportunities, Tryangle also offers tailor-made consulting to support companies in creating a more detailed and complete well-being strategy.

We help you with all components and their implementation of a fitted strategy using all the tools that are at our disposal, combining workshops, training, coaching, teambuilding, webinars,…

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Keynotes such as “well-being at work: myth or reality?” are a perfect way to make higher level management or team leaders think about their impact on the well-being of their employees.

Participants discover very precise do’s en don’ts on how to implement an efficient corporate well-being policy and what the measures for succes are.


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Webinars for team leaders and management team members

Tips and insights for more resilience and well-being at work can also be cast in digital format by organizing webinars. In this way you can reach a diverse group without having to physically bring them together in the same place.

For example, Tryangle can support team leaders and HR professionals through dynamic webinars with information about recognizing and preventing burn-out or guiding the reintegration process after a long absence.

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