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Productivity and retention

Committed employees are the motor of the company. Passion and involvement combined with the space and autonomy to take initiative, to grow, to learn ensures work pleasure, a contagious positive team vibe and better performance. Companies that support and guide their employees in the right way are organizations that people want to work for and this forms the core of a strong retention policy.

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A training that is often chosen here is “Working with enthusiasm” (There seems to be no good translation for the Flemish word: goesting!). Here, Tryangle helps organizations build a business environment where employees can show their motivation and commitment, develop themselves and become more valuable and productive. Managers receive an introduction to “motivational leadership” to get the best out of everyone.


From this motivational aspect, we can also further expand the employee journey, improve intergenerational cooperation and so much more. For your employer branding, it is completely added value to get started with this. Tryangle is happy to help you through consulting, training and coaching.

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