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Satisfaction at work

The Employee Experience of your employees can only lead to job satisfaction if every individual is in the right place. What is needed for this? A clear view of the personality of the employee, his / her competences and purpose. If everything goes well, the correct matching has happened during the selection and recruitment, but of course people evolve. To keep people on board in a sustainable way, it is useful to check whether everything is still ok and to provide the necessary support in the event of problems.

employee experience

The workshop “Who am I? What am I capable of? ”Is an easily accessible way to make the employee aware of his / her core qualities and what he / she needs to be satisfied in a job. The take-away from this workshop can lead to the necessary further steps.

Tryangle works together with quality partners around career guidance and outplacement to offer individual coaching to employees. The first goal is to put people within the organization in the right chair, but if it turns out that the match is not correct, it is also possible to part on a  constructive note.

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