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Talent management

Merely working with (the necessary) competencies for a certain job function has its limitations. Competencies based on underlying talents can be developed much faster and lead to better performance almost effortlessly. In addition, they also provide the employee with satisfaction, pleasure and energy. Working from talent is focusing on what is already developed and recognition of where an employee naturally excels. Match the available talents with the needs of the organization as the key to greater efficiency and job satisfaction and continue to monitor this process as the career of the employee evolves just like his / her needs and wishes! Tryangle helps managers choose a talent vision instead of implementing traditional competence management.


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You can discover the employee mapping of talents and competencies for managers in our workshop “Talent or competent?” This workshop contains insights and tools regarding the difference between talents and competences and the advantages and disadvantages of competence and talent management. We discover the added value of a talent vision and a starting point to work out and implement a talent vision.

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