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Vitality and resilience

Discouver various well-being interventions that we can deploy, with attention to your company culture. By offering workshops like these, employees learn techniques for more resilience and vitality.

This way, your organisation is working on the resilience of employees to deal with stress and increased work pressure. In additon, participants become aware of their own positive and negative energy influencers and can intervene (pro-)actively if the balance threatens to disappear.

Below, we’ve grouped our most populair corporate well-being offers to support employees:

vitaliteit 1

Reducing stress by moving more

Sitting down is the new smoking. This workshop will provide tips and tricks for participants to easily incorporate more exercise and moving more during a day at the office. A very effective tool to lower levels of stress.

Yoga at your desk

Our brains are reacting to millions of daily external stimuli. Yoga can help to create more calmness and control (automatic) reactions to external conditions. Tryangle has designed a yoga workshop specifically for the working environment in order inspire employees with the benefits of yoga techniques.

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Breathing Techniques

Employees will discover how techniques to control your breathing can relieve stress and positively influence energy levels. Relaxation techniques and hands-on tips will help people at work to prevent and help resolve stress through the power of breathing.

Fit mind, fit body

This combination workshop teaches a mix of techniques for more well-being and less negative stress. It combines breathing techniques, specific accute stress-tips, attention and relaxation exercises as well as movement exercises.

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Fit in je hoofd, wel in je vel
sterker dankzij stress

Stress can make you stronger

How can you transform stress from a burden into a strength? This training will teach participants how to turn a potential obstacle into a power tool. Healthy stress increases performance, makes you more alert and boosts the creative brain. Discover tips and tricks about the right dosage of stress and learn to use it to increase productivity.

Alternative stress management

After analysing the effect of stress on our bodies and the automatic reactions that people usually exhibit, we zoom in on more constructive coping techniques. Participants will discover how to deal with stress signals more consciously and learn to look at their reality in a different way, with more insight into our thought processes and emotions.

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Our keynotes such as “stronger because of stress” and “bye-bye burn-out” are great alternatives to reach a bigger audience in a short and powerful presentation. They come packed with insights about work-related stress and contain tips to deal with these challenges.


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Online interventions for well-being – webinars

A lot of tips and insights for more resilience and well-being at work can also be cast in digital format by organizing webinars. In this way you can reach a diverse group of employees without having to physically bring them together in the same place.

Tryangle has designed a lot of fun webinars to inform and support employees for more well-being at work. We can talk about how to recognize unhealthy stress early and avoid burn-out, how you can deal with a (colleague with a) burn-out, powerful vitality tips for more energy, motivation and resilience,….

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Recharge 5


This accessible online well-being platform offers a one week vitality challenge to employees. It can be tackled individually or as a team effort.

The programme can be run on three different levels (from beginner to expert) and offers employees a dynamic range of exercises and tips for more energy and more focus.

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welzijnsinterventies op maat

Tailormade well-being interventions

Haven’t found what you were looking for? Tryangle designs tailormade programmes to cover a specific need or specific company culture. We can combine different modules and approaches to offer a broader well-programme for an entire organisation.

Flexibility is key! For example, you can combine a keynote kick-off session on a preferred topic with creative teambuilding activities, a selection of workshops and even online webinars. Tryangle also offers in-company stress and burn-out coaching for employees who can benefit from them.

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