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Webinars: reboarding after corona

Reboarding: Pitfalls and Challenges for HR Professionals and Executives

How well are you prepared to reenter the workplace? Have you worked out a strategic pre-boarding plan with regards to  in the areas of facility, communication and (physical) work arrangements? Or will you count on the common sense of your employees during the reboarding process?

In this webinar, Chief Happiness Griet Deca guides you on an exploration of the do’s and don’ts for successful reboarding. Find out how to handle the process of  pre-boarding, which factors should you take into consideration regarding safety? And how to handle the psychosocial well-being aspect at the same time are all things  you must to take into account during reboarding. Let us share insights on how to ensure that your colleagues return safely to the workplace with a smile.

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Reboarding for employees: back to work after corona

How to hit the ground running..… It is common good practice to be well prepared and this preparation will influence how easily you return to your office or workplace. What will it be like to see colleagues again in person? What about the aspects that you liked while working from home? How do you deal with the uncertainties, possible fear and stress that the return entails? Can you just pick up where you left off since if you last saw each other in person or will it be different? And last but not least: how do you deal with the facets of loss? Maybe someone has lost a VIP to Corona or you feel like you have to lose the benefits that you discovered during the constant working from home. Chief Happiness Griet Deca will answer all these questions during this webinar.

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