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Inspiring well-being and happiness at work

uitdagingen op de werkvloer

Working makes you sick / demotivated

The newspapers are full of it and the figures have meanwhile become alarming. The motivation and energy of our Belgian employees is not very fantastic.
The problems of stress at work, presenteeism, absenteeism, reduced engagement and productivity and all kinds of negative feelings at work are ubiquitous and can no longer be denied.
So there is solid work to be done. Working on well-being and happiness at work is one of the antidotes to all these contemporary challenges in the workplace.

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The solution:
working on happiness at work

And the good news? Working on well-being and happiness at work certainly has a strong ROI!

By the way, we do not just have to take a curative approach to face the challenges. If we also take a preventive and positive approach, and dare to think from a shared responsibility between employee and employer, the opportunities are there for the taking.
Science, after all, strongly agrees: “Well-being and happiness at work drive performance”.

THe ROI of Happiness at work
werken aan werkgeluk
Tryangle training

The Tryangle approach

Tryangle has a wide range of solutions to tailor to the organizational needs and corporate culture to work on well-being and happiness in work.
Based on our own pyramid model, we help make organizations aware of the components, opportunities and ROI of job happiness. We help companies to integrate well-being and work happiness into their overall strategy and we also support and guide the implementation of well-being interventions and happiness at work activities.
We provide solutions for organizations and their employees in the form of workshops, training, coaching, team building, consulting, webinars, lectures, etc. We would be happy to visit you at the office or at another location. If so desired, we will bring the WOW mobile to literally get participants out of their (chair) comfort zone.

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