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Online inspiration on well-being and happiness at work

Webinars are a simple and accessible way to share information and insights while participants can login from any location around the world.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is a lecture, workshop or presentation that takes place online with a virtual audience. Participants can follow the webinar on their computerscreen and see and hear the speaker(s).

It’s a suitable tool to share information with a large group of participants without needing to bring people physically together. The person presenting uses a webcam and a microphone and participants only see the speaker and can’t see or hear each other.  Interaction with the speaker is possible through a live chatbox.

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Organising webinars in your company?

Are you interested in a certain topic and do you think offering webinars to your employees might be a suitable option for your organisation? Would you like to set up a series of inspirational online sessions to inspire co-workers on resilience, well-being and happiness at work?

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We are happy to design a tailor-made program that fits the needs and culture of your company . We can definitely make the link with existing corporate well-being or happiness at work initiatives.

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Below, you can find a selection of our most popular webinars, suitable for both leadership, HR managers and executives on the one hand, and employees and coworkers on the other hand.

Would you like to know what other topics we can cover? Does a topic appeal to you, but would you like a tailored approach to cover specific challenges in the workplace? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are happy to help work out a tailormade program.


The return on employee engagement

Did you know that in Belgium only 1 in 10 employees are actually committed to their job? Boosting employee engagement brings a lot of opportunities because committed employees are more productive, less often absent due to illness and are less likely to look for another job. How can you make employee engagement as strong as possible from a strategic point of view? Discover all about it in this webinar.

Talent or competence – as an HR professional or manager, what do you focus on?

How is the human capital organised within your company? Do you excel through a rewarding talent policy or do you struggle with a restrictive competence management approach? This webinar helps you discover how you can focus more on talent and how you can ensure that your role makes employees feel good about their work.

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8 keys to job satisfaction

This webinar tells you more about how to increase your job satisfaction. After all, we are spending more time at work than we do at home, so we’d better be at least satisfied at work! With these eight hands-on tips, you can increase your own job satisfaction and also discover how to deal in a healty way with the aspects within your job that you can’t change.

Working on happiness at work

How happy are you at work? Are you looking forward to going to work or does it feel like an obligation? What impact do you have on your job satisfaction? Or is it the task of your manager or your employer to ensure that you are happy in your job? This webinar will help you discover how you can feel good in your job and what impact you can have. And yes, it is also possible to work on this together with your employer. We will give you inspiration, insights and exercises to take control of your job happiness – smiling guarantee included.

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Fit in je hoofd, wel in je vel

Bye bye burn-out: how to recognize unhealthy stress in time?

Burnout. Maybe the buzzword of the decade. But what exactly is a burn-out? How can you recognize it in yourself and in others? Can you help others with burn-out? And above all: how can you prevent it or, if you have already fallen victim, how can you turn the tide? In this webinar, we give a short theoretical framework and share all kinds of tips and exercises to stay ahead of unhealthy stress!

Vitality rocks: something about energy, motivation and resilience

Everyone knows the feeling of ‘I can do anything’, ‘I got this under control’ and ‘I’m feeling good about myself’. In this state of mind, we can easily take on twice as much of work. But how do we find that state of “flow” and optimal motivation? Does it just happen to you or is there anything you can do yourself? Get tips and techniques to add more vitality to your work and your working environment and get ready to rule the world.

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Tryangle is regularly hosting free webinars to offer inspiration on stress en burn-out challenges, well-being at work and happiness at work. Discover below more information on planned webinars and topics as well as how to register.

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